Investing in private mortgages presents an opportunity to invest a large amount of money with minimal risk and receive a healthy, monthly return in a short period. We offer terms from 6 – 24 months with a fixed interest rate.

Invest at TriLend Inc. Private Equity Based Funding

The Underwriting Process

Our rigorous underwriting process ensures that our applicants and their brokers are fully screened prior to a mortgage application’s approval. The licensing of both the brokerage and the agent/broker is verified through the Financial Services Commission of Ontario’s mortgage brokering registry. The property and validity of the deal are also closely investigated.

TriLend Inc. Private Equity Based Funding
TriLend Inc. Private Equity Based Funding
TriLend Inc. Private Equity Based Funding

Investment FAQs

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What happens when a borrower fails to pay on time?

When a borrower does not make the monthly payment on the agreed date, a fee is charged and collected with the late payment and the next monthly payment will still be due on the next regularly scheduled payment date.

What happens when a borrower fails to pay at all?

When a borrower misses a monthly payment, a fee is charged and the missed payment is collected at the earliest opportunity. If multiple payments are missed, full payment is demanded and legal action may be required.

What kind of return can I expect on my investment?

Investors can expect a minimum 6% return on their investment.

Can I Invest using my RRSPs?

Yes, investing with RRSPs is a simple and efficient way to invest in private mortgages. Please visit for more information on investing with RRSPs.

What is a mortgage administrator and how does it benefit me?

A mortgage administrator is responsible for monitoring your investment for the entirety of its term. Monthly payments are collected from the borrower and remitted to the investor through the administrator’s office. Should a default be made, your administrator is responsible for remedying the situation. A mortgage administrator provides a comfortable investment experience.